Simcoe Christmas Panorama

Join The Simcoe Christmas Panorama Board of Directors

The Simcoe Christmas Panorama is seeking new members for the festivals board of directors. The volunteer board are looking for individuals who are committed to fostering welcoming and supportive communities, cultivating relationships with local businesses and organizations, and creating magical experiences for kids and adults alike over the holiday season each December.

The Simcoe Panorama prides itself on being a free experience that draws thousands of families into downtown Simcoe in a typically low tourism period. The board have taken immense strides over the last five years to merge the traditional elements of the more than 60-year-old festival with more modern light technology and engagement experiences for our attendees, despite the global pandemic that held back several advancements. Now firmly back on track the Panorama is looking for new members to join them in strengthening the festivals reputation and influence, introducing new features, and expanding our fundraising efforts.

Below are the commitment expectations for all board members and the specific goals the board are looking to achieve with the help of new members.  stating your intention and why you feel you would be a valuable asset to the Panorama.

Board Responsibilities

  • Approves Simcoe Christmas Panorama (SCP) vision and mission statements
  • Develops and delivers strategic plan
  • Establishes and evaluates goals for festival including for programming, marketing and communications, partnerships, and fundraising
  • Sets, approves and monitors annual SCP budget (expenses and revenues)
  • Actively participates in the set-up, running, and tear down of the festival annually
  • Acts as a positive and respectful advocate of the SCP in the community
  • Ensures ethical behaviour and compliance with laws and regulations, auditing and accounting principles and SCP’s own governing documents
  • Assess its own effectiveness in fulfilling its responsibilities
  • Performs other functions as are assigned to the board.

Requirements of a Board Member

  • Commits to the success and endurance of SCP
  • Attends and actively participates in the following:
    • Board Meeting – Meetings are scheduled monthly leading up to the festival and then become bi-weekly in the final six weeks. Members must attend a minimum of 70% of scheduled meetings a year
    • Board subcommittees – at times a leadership role may be requested of board members
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Fundraising Events
    • Display repair/painting gatherings or inventory of asset meetings
  • Commits time to communications and research required to reach goals of board for the festival on personal time outside of meetings.
  • Must be available for Official Light Up night each year, as well as additional nights (often weekends) throughout the month of December to facilitate features in the park (2-3 nights minimum)
  • Maintains confidentiality and acts with integrity
  • Works constructively as a member of the team

If you are interested in becoming a board member for the Simcoe Christmas Panorama please send an e-mail to with the following information. 

  • Name
  • Contact Information (Phone, E-mail)
  • Why you are interested in joining the Simcoe Christmas Panorama Board
  • What skills and experience you bring to the board that you think would benefit the festival
  • Other volunteer experience (if applicable)