Simcoe Christmas Panorama

About Us

It’s 1958, and after yet another very wet and rainy Santa Claus parade, organizers decide to leave several parade floats in Wellington Park in the hopes that people can continue to enjoy them through better weather. An idea for a new Christmas celebration had emerged, and by the following year, it would be in full swing. Christmas in Simcoe would never be quite the same. 

Today, the Simcoe Christmas Panorama is still shining bright with displays and lights, transforming the parks into a winter wonderland. Our Christmas Panorama has been welcoming thousands of guests for over 60 years where our community partners help us to offer free family events and activities throughout the festival season.

The Simcoe Christmas Panorama’s creation and success are due to the support of local government, business owners, service clubs, board members and dedicated volunteers who all value this event and celebrate the contribution it has towards the community’s pride, economy, and Christmas spirit. 

It is wonderful to hear from our guests that generations of their family have made the annual trip to the Simcoe Christmas Panorama and that this tradition is an integral part of their holiday celebration. After all, we are all about honouring old traditions.

Founders of Simcoe Christmas Panorama Joan & Don Daley