Simcoe Christmas Panorama

Simcoe Christmas Panorama 2022

We’re thrilled to announce the return of Panorama for our 2022 season! We’re excited to welcome guests back into the park to enjoy our Christmas displays and the River of Lights! 

As our volunteers work hard to put together the festival for 2022, please consider making a donation to help us continue this Christmas tradition. E-Transfers can be sent to

Hours Of Operation

Dates:  December 3rd, 2022 – January 1st 2023. 

Lights are on 6:00pm – 10:00pm every day. Yes, that includes the ALL holidays too! Lights are on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, etc.

You’ll find us at 50 Bonnie Drive, Simcoe, ON N3Y 3V6

It’s FREE to attend Panorama, but you can support us with a donations by CLICKING HERE!


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Panorama Open?

The Panorama is open December 3rd, 2022– January 1st 2023. 

Lights are on 6:00pm – 10:00pm every day. Yes, that includes the ALL holidays too! (Lights are on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day etc.) The last day the lights are on is January 1st, 2023.

You’ll find us at 50 Bonnie Drive, Simcoe, ON N3Y 3V6


Does Panorama cost anything?

Simcoe Christmas Panorama is FREE for anyone to attend. We are funded by sponsors and donations. You can support Panorama with a donation by CLICKING HERE.

Is there parking at the Panorama

In collaboration with Norfolk County parking is permitted on the streets surrounding the park. This includes Norfolk St N, Colborne St, Windham St., Crescent Blvd, McCall St. and Alligator Lane. 

Please note that Bonnie Drive is closed to vehicles, as is the parking lot for Wellington Park access from Bonnie Drive.  

Why are there less lights/displays in the park this year?

In a typical year, Panorama spends over $10,000 on lights, and our partners at Norfolk County put in countless hours of work installing displays and lights in the park. The past 2 years, we were not able to host any fundraising events to purchase new lights for the park, and since our friends at Norfolk County are actively working on ongoing current events, they cannot dedicate the same amount of time and man power to the park.

You can support the festival by donating to our GoFundMe! CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Why don't the lights turn on at 5PM when it gets dark?

Although it might be dark at 5PM, the lights do not go on at 5PM. This is due to the fact that everything is turned on manually by volunteers. Most of our amazing volunteers work a 9-5 job, so before doing anything else after work they come right to the parks and start the process of turning on the lights. Depending on where they are from, it might take them 20 minutes to just get to the park. Once there, they have to walk through all the parks and turn on numerous panels to illuminate the park. Depending on how fast they move, it could take up to 20 minutes to get everything on.

The lights might actually be on a bit earlier than 6PM, but we can’t guarantee anything before 6PM, so to be fair to our visitors and volunteers we always aim for 6PM. At 10PM our volunteers reverse the whole process.

It would be awesome if we could put everything on timers, but that would actually require updating the whole system, which isn’t something we can afford.

If you’re from the area and are interested in volunteering to turn lights on and off, please sign up here:

Will there be an official light up ceremony this year?

Yes! Join us on Saturday, December 3rd at 6:00PM when we await the arrival of Santa on the Bickle. Plus do the official countdown to lights on at Simcoe Christmas Panorama 2022!

Are there Public Washrooms?

There are Porta Potties in the park.

Can I Bring My Dog to the Park?

Dogs that are on a leash the entire time are welcomed in the park. We kindly reminded you that it’s required for you to clean up after your dog.

Will there be trolley rides at the Panorama?

Yes! We’re excited for the return of trolley rides in the park from 6-9PM ONLY on the following dates.

  • Saturday, December 10th, 2022
  • Saturday, December 17th, 2022

These are the ONLY TWO DATES for Trolley Rides this season. 

Cost is $2.00 per person. 5 & under ride for free.


Will hot beverages and donuts be sold in the park?

There will be hot beverages and treats offered in the park this year. You can enjoy a warm cup of cider and an apple cider donut, or a cup of hot chocolate and individually packages cookies. 

Will the Christmas Market be in the Park this year?

Yes! You’ll be able to visit our Christmas Market vendors on Friday-Sunday during Panorama.

Will there be any activities in the park?

We have a few fun activities planned in the park!

Learn More HERE

Can I make a Donation to support Panorama?

We’d love that! You can make a donation on our GoFundMe CLICK HERE TO DONATE

E-Transfers can be sent to

Thank you so much for supporting Panorama!

Will there be guided motor coach tours of the park this year?

Guided tours of the lights will not be offered this year. Motor coach tour operators are welcome to come and drive the perimeter, or park and walk through the park. However, there will be no welcome centre with refreshments/shopping and no tour guides.

Will the Welcome Centre be open this year?

The Welcome Centre will not be open this year.

Can I volunteer for Panorama?

Of course! We are always looking for new volunteers. You can sign up and learn more by clicking HERE