Simcoe Christmas Panorama

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please check our updated dates, hours of operation and details.
The Simcoe Christmas Panorama has grown to more than 60 displays and close to 500, 000 lights. Hundreds of decorated trees and our displays turn Simcoe’s downtown parks into a winter wonderland that generations have been enjoying for over 60 years. 
Please consider donating to Panorama so we can afford to make 2021 brighter and better than ever before!
Thank you again to everyone for your support & who made Panorama possible this year!
As we reflect on the 62nd annual Panorama, we’re so thankful for our amazing community, partners, sponsors and volunteers that helped us to share a bit of light and hope at the end of a difficult year for so many.
Please consider donating to Panorama so we can afford to make 2021 brighter and better than ever before!

Make a Donation to Support Panorama

In a typical year, Panorama spends over $10,000 on lights! This year, we were not able to host our typical fundraising events to purchase new lights for the park. In addition to the lights, we also spend $1000’s on paint, building supplies, décor and props for yearly display maintenance.

Since our friends at Norfolk County are actively working on ongoing current events, they can’t dedicate the same amount of time and man power to the park. This, as well as Panorama funding restrictions in 2020, are some of the reasons why our festival had to be reduced this year, but that doesn’t mean we stop working behind the scenes. We are putting this time to good use by dedicating it to fixing displays that have needed a little TLC. However, there’s only so much we can do on our own. A donation for Panorama ensures we can continue our work and next year bring everyone a bigger and brighter Panorama than ever before!

Please consider donating to make sure our lights keep shining and our displays never fade.

Santa needs a new workshop and we need your help to build it!

Donate today and help us reach our goal! We’re going to build Santa and the elves a brand new workshop, and return it to it’s prestigious place in the centre of Wellington Park for all to visit during the festival. 

Visit our Go Fund Me Page to donate and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up on our progress as we design a new workshop and bring it to life.