Simcoe Christmas Panorama

Panorama Christmas Market

The Christmas Market returns to Simcoe Christmas Panorama after a successful debut in 2019! Following two pandemic Panorama’s we are pleased to announce the Christmas Market is back for 2022. New this year, the Market stalls will be open from Thursday to Sunday, 6:00pm to 9:00pm every weekend leading up to Christmas. Vendors are able to purchase weekends or individual days.

Schedule and Pricing:

The Simcoe Christmas Panorama opens on December 3rd, 2022. Single day bookings of a Christmas market cabin are $100 each. Get up to 25% off when you book more than one day. Multiple day bookings do not need to be on the same weekend.

Single day – $100.00
Two days – $150.00
Three days – $225.00
Four days- $325.00

For more than four days please contact for special pricing.

Market cabins are 6’x8’ with shelving on the side and back walls, a large counter surface for displays and selling, a space heater and lights. Each vendor is responsible for their own sales/cash. No additional heaters, plug in lights or electrical devices of any kind are permitted as the power access for the cabin cannot support it.  

The cabins doors do lock but there is no overnight security so it is highly recommended that vendors not leave their goods in the cabin overnight.

Accepted vendors will need to show proof of insurance and provide full payment for the day(s) and weekend(s) booked. Please note there may be additional requirements dependent on the products sold and will be shared with the vendor when they receive their confirmation.  (ex. Food and drink vendors may need to submit additional information to the health department).